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"One of two world premieres in Theatre West’s annual Writers-in-Rep series, Jule Selbo’s “Boxes” is a taut exercise in psychological manipulation that is one of those rarities in the contemporary theater -- a classically crafted play with well-delineated characters and a satisfyingly linear plot... The linchpin of the show, Gallogly is authoritatively naturalistic, as is the nicely understated Nussen, a real find." - F. Kathleen Foley, The Los Angeles Times

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"Easily the best fringe show I’ve seen this year is Bad Habit’s production of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia. The cast gives a flawless and delivery of Stoppard’s language, where there are more than a few mouthfuls, and doesn’t let their comic timing slip once, nailing every single joke in the play… Greg Nussen is memorable and mature as Septimus Hodge, the somber and aloof gentleman scientist and tutor to the cheeky child prodigy Thomasina Coverly." - Bryce Lambert, Boston Lowbrow

"Septimus Hodge, played by Greg Nussen, is questioned by his young pupil Thomasina Coverly... Nussen’s Septimus Hodge is dashing, nonchalant contemporary of Lord Byron.  He avoids several altercations by outwitting his adversaries through clever wordplay." - Becca Kidwell, The New England Theatre Geek

"Greg Nussen helped her out tremendously by bringing his wonderful charm and knack for palpable chemistry with him to the scene-stealing role of Septimus Hodge. Despite the extreme subtlety with which their relationship develops, Nussen and Sacco sparkled enough in their banterific scenes together that I was willing to buy absolutely anything they were selling me." - Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World


Greg Nussen is irresistibly charming as Orpheus- I didn't doubt for a second that 1) he was beloved the world over, 2) he was awkward about that fact or 3) he'd give everything up for Eurydice… Nussen's performance can be remembered exclusively for that gorgeous proposal scene, the poetic letters that almost made me cry, or the incredible pain of his accusatory tone asking Eurydice why she called his name and made him turn around, killing her forever.” – Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World

“Orpheus (Greg Nussen) does get a few very poetic passages that Nussen delivers with aplomb…” – Bryce Lambert, Boston Lowbrow